Mother’s Day is May 11. That
 means most of you like me would be looking for some great gift ideas. I've been searching for some classic as well as unique gift giving ideas for Mother’s Day.
From flowers, cards and dresses to kitchen accessories, I've found many suggestions and gift ideas but it was the idea of personalized mother’s jewelry that impressed me the most.

It’s not that I am crazy for jewelry. But who doesn't like to have a gift of lasting brilliance? So I loved those beautiful mother’s family rings and birthstone pendants available at Angara, and I've picked two for my special ladies (my mom and grandmother).
 Here are the pieces.

                                                                                          pendant                                                    Rings

This store has a whooping collection of mother’s jewelry. And it also offers easy customization that I've completely used. I have selected the stones and get them set in my choice of sequence. I've also selected the metal and engraved a message on the ring.
It was an amazing shopping because the jewelry is just what I thought and the store gave me a good discount with a free gemstone pendant (that’s for me).

Jewelry, in any form, is loved by women. It lasts for a lifetime and you always have an option to upgrade it. Do you know mother’s jewelry that mostly includes namesake pieces and birthstone jewels has special significance. These customized pieces represent her beloved family.
A ring or a pendant studded with the birthstone of her children gives a sense of security and calmness to a mother. Most women love to get a sentimental piece. Along with birthstones, they also love the idea of message or names of family members engraved on the jewelry.
I’m also impressed with the concept of heirloom jewelry. Not that I've found an heirloom piece, it’s about the future heirloom. Think it like this – you customize a ring with your choice of setting, gemstones and personal message and in later years give it to your daughter. It’s an heirloom for her. (I think I’m getting futuristic).
Ok. Back to present. I’m impressed with the idea of choosing mother’s jewelry because it’s practical, adorable, precious, symbolic and emotional.
What do you think about jewelry gifts? Are they amazing?

Thanks for reading!