Hey everyone! this is a kind of different post! this are some of the stuff I am loving, and my newest items on my closet :) just a couple of things, hopefully Ill be doing this every week :) hope you all like this post!... thanks for reading :) xoxo
Hola a todos! este post es algo diferente!.. en este post les voy a enseñar algunas cosas que estoy amando al momento y otras que son las mas nuevas en mi closet! solo algunas, estare haciendo este post casi cada semana, bueno sí tengo cosas nuevas que enseñar hehehe! ojala les guste el post! xoxo

 I been using this five products so much lately! 
naked 3 love it, is so pretty, love all the colors!
bath and body works, haaa love the smell so much, I carry this big bottle on my bag Lol...
victoria secret illuminating face powder, all or nothing! is so pretty and is my only pinky highlight that I love! 
revlon matte balm, 210 unapologetic, such of beautiful color, is so bright and pretty!, love it :)
revlon age defying concealer, I Am so in love with this concealer, I used almost everyday and it doesn't crease on me, and is perfect for the kk look... :)