As a young photographer I used to dream of photographing the girls who had put the name Super into the world of modeling. I guess you never know just when your dreams will become a reality. So you can imagine how I felt when Conde Nast College asked me if I could come and photograph Yasmin Le Bon. Excited, nervous and happy to name a few of those feelings. Yasmin had come to the college to talk to the students about the world of modeling, which she did with humour and fun. And it is when she is talking that you realise that it is this mixture along with the fact she is so beautiful of course, that made her successful. She talked of working with Horst and Peter Lindberg and the importance of her relationship with the photographer. How working practices have changed in the digital age. When the stylist and hair and make-up artists can be so busy with their phones they are not concentrating on their job, which while shooting is happening is to keep there eyes on her. Where even the delivery boy once had had an opinion when again everyone was busy looking this time at the computer the screen instead of the action on set. Now she has measures in place to ensure this does not happen.
She also told us what it was like moving between editorial and catwalk, because of course you forget that they used to be two totally different fields of expertise. That when it first started to happen the editorial girls all kept together for survival as the catwalk girls could be fierce.
Of running from show to show in Paris on public transport or on foot. And now being amazed how they managed to do 5 or 6 shows a day. All the more amazing for me as I see the models being picked up and whisked off on the back of motorbikes, there were no such luxuries for the girls then. It is the likes of me now who are using public transport or going by foot between the shows.
When the speakers arrive at the college there is very little time  between their arrival and the talk starting. So I set everything up before they arrive so I make sure I use my 5 minutes wisely and well.
When we were shooting she said "when I am being me I can smile". So here we have the very lovely real Yasmin Le Bon.