From Fashionistable
This was the last shot I managed to get before the shutter in my camera stopped working properly. I didn't even realise until I had photographed 2 more people, so Fiona and Caroline if you are watching I am sorry but the pictures I took of you are just too soft to publish. It has been very weird not having my camera with me when I go out. (Had to borrow one for the Wireless festival thank you Fixation for looking after me.)
Carla is from Barcelona and is in London to learn/improve her English. She told me she loves styling, modelling (which she does for friends blogs) and magazines. She told me her friends say that her own personal style is curious and strange. Looks cool to me though. For he surprise she told me that she loves relationships with people, that she is very sociable and loves to communicate and share opinions. Here she is wearing a dress and boots she bought in Santako Street in Barcelona, and her jacket is by Lois Andreas.