From Fashionistable
Eleanor is a dentist and is in London job hunting. She would like to move down from the Highlands. As the educational system is slightly different there than here she has been having problems with practices here accepting her qualifications when she has been sending her CV. So she has taken the bull by the horns and has come here in person in the hope she can sway opinion that way. Her style influence for today is smart as she is job hunting. However she told me that usually it is comfy and classic cuts. Her favourite place in London is Sloane Square. She loves the smaller villagey feel there. Her surprises for us were that she like running, she does charity work and loves being by the water. As she is from a fishing community it is what she will miss the most when she moves to London. Eleanor's jacket, top and trousers are all from Reiss, scarf Sole Per-Te, shoes Dune and she is carrying a Mischa Barton bag.