From Fashionistable
Kajsa and Charlie were shopping in South Molton Street when we met but there was no sun there anymore so they kindly came round the corner with me and into the evening light. I loved the pop of red that is Kajsa hair against her otherwise black palette. Charlie is in the shot too because of his curly hair and painterly shorts. Kajsa is from Sweden and Charlie is a Londoner. Kajsa told me she gets her style inspiration from her friends. For Charlie who is a fine art student at the Royal Academy it is Picasso. When I ask people about their surprising fact, they sometimes hum and ha so I try and help them out with examples of what others have said. With these guys one of my examples was the feminist issue we had a week or so ago. Kajsa said she finds it surprising and upsetting when women say they are not feminists. Charlie said that surprisingly he was a feminist. Way to go Charlie. When I asked him what inspires his art he said "the future". Kajsa is wearing a dress from Rodebjer, vest from Cheap Monday, Vagabond shoes and her glasses are from a mini market in Sweden. Charlies' top is by St James and was a present from a friend when he went to art school as it was like the top Picasso used to wear. His cut offs are Levis - the other half of which is now in a painting. His shoes are DM's and glasses Polaroid. Their favourite place's in London are Beauvoir Square in Hackney for Kajsa and Victoria Park for Charlie.